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Praise for “Discovering the Deep”:

Though its fashionable to say we know little about the mysteries of the deep, this book shows the vast wealth of understanding that pioneering researchers have already gleaned, with their probing sound waves, persistent robots and courageous submariners. This is the book I wish Id had on my eight deep ocean expeditions, to better understand the wonders I was gazing upon. A must-own for anyone in the ocean sciences, and for those simply curious about what lies down there in the most remote realm on our planet.
James Cameron, explorer and filmmaker

Discovering the Deep will open your eyes to the largest and most unexplored region on Earth – the global Mid-Ocean Ridge. My own introduction to the Mid‐Ocean Ridge began with the FAMOUS Expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 1974, and this beautifully illustrated and comprehensive account shows how far we have come over the last 40 years in our understanding of this fundamental tectonic feature of the Earth and the technology required to investigate it. Not since Bruce Heezen and Charlie Hollisters classic book, The Face of the Deep, first published in 1971, have we seen such a comprehensive photographic atlas of what lies in the hidden depths of the sea.
Dr. Robert D. Ballard, President of the Ocean Exploration Trust

Discovering the Deep is an exquisite synthesis of the complexity of natural processes, the beauty of oft unseen environments, and the critical scientific discoveries of our recent past. To read this volume is to become an enlightened traveler into the fascinating realm of the seafloor and ocean crust. No student of the natural world should be without this magnificent atlas of our planets richly structured deep ocean environment.
Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator; former NASA astronaut

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